Our Roots

Our Roots

The first rumblings of a great idea bubbled in the 1990's when Odeiga House wormed its way into the hearts of Lancashire's local food lovers, who took to the delicious, African-inspired recipes championed by its sister company, the Palmgroove restaurant.

What had begun modestly as a therapeutic respite for two of the directors (John and Stella) from their demanding day jobs, as a surgeon (John) and an accomplished author/university lecturer (Stella), was quickly turning into the next great taste in ethnic foods.

Ably assisted by Asda, Odeiga House opted to offer something very different from major power-brokers in African Caribbean cuisine, who focused their efforts on running respectable import/export operations.

Odeiga House is indeed a UK-based company committed to supplying authentic African and Caribbean food fayre, in a manner that emphasises the need for excellence in the quality of its ingredients and traceability of where those ingredients come from. Only the best herbs and spices sourced by British blue chip companies are used in the creation of our exsqusite African cooking sauces and marinades.

Unique Ingredients

Whether we're talking roasty-toasty hot or majestically mild, every Naija Cooking sauce comes complete with a special 'unique' ingredient.

The Alafia factor

Please note that an Alafia factor isn't something that can be simply added to the nutritional deck on the back of our packaging. Alafia is a subjective state of peace and immense contentment (wellbeing) that many attain after enjoying our seriously smooth African cooking sauces.