Cen Bottling Company

Cen Bottling Company



CEN BOTTLING Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of ODHL. The company manufactures fresh fruit and dairy drinks  -  Smoothie drinks. 

CEN Bottling Company Limited was incorporated on 24th September 1998.  Its primary business is the development of and marketing of quality fruit & dairy drinks with no additives, for both white and ethnic target groups.  In 1996 Tansiwas developed as a kitchen concept in a family owned Restaurant in Morecambe, in the North West of England.    In 1998 the company developed it as a commercial concept “Smoothie” - long-life real fruit and dairy drink.  In December 1999, a focus group tasting at the Advanced Food Science Department (now Manchester Food Centre) of Manchester Metropolitan Universitydescribed Tansias The Real Smoothie, with a full flavour bouquet.   CEN therefore applied for a patent to secure its unique technology and formulation. 


The basic distinction between Tansi and other similar products is a combination of ‘real fruit’ with dairy product, not a fruit juice or flavouring.  It is also a long-life, stable product, which demonstrates no separation over time.   It has no preservatives and is completely distinctive from the competition in this sector in many respects:


1.   Product with stable, homogenous consistency.

2.   Flavourful.

3.   Range of flavours.

4.   Low-fat content.

5.   No preservatives.

6.   High fibre content.


Our drinks (Smoothies) are stable emulsions of pure fruit and

dairy with shelf life of six months, achieved without the use of



All CEN products were developed using carefully sourced

 ingredients and have no E-additives. They are sold under the

brand - TANSI™.


The company’s ‘Tansi’’ - the Ultimate Smoothie range is the first real fruit and dairy, long life, Smoothie in the market and thus providing the market with a unique and wholesome product ; rich in beta carotene' and extremly beneficial to people of all age groups. Beta Carotene is a well known nutrient that protects the body from ultr violet rays.

The pure fruit used in the Tansi  range, provide soluble fibres, antioxidants, vegetable proteins, pro-vitamins, and vitamins, whilst the dairy component provides the optimum medium that allows the solubility of fat-soluble vitamins and calcium salts that enhances absorption of these vitamins, all of which have a functional effect.



CEN Bottling is a wholly owned subsidiary of Odeiga House Limited and consequently, has enjoyed the financial support and input that has enabled the development of a range of flavours and product range.